Higher Level 2017

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Higher Level, 2017 3

Section A – Reading to Analyse and Evaluate – 35 marks 3

Question 1 – 15 marks 4

Sample answer 5

Higher Level, 2017

Section A – Reading to Analyse and Evaluate – 35 marks

The following promotional radio clip is based on the documentary, Fantastic Beasts and the People who Love Them, by Shane Dunphy.  The full documentary was broadcast as part of the RTÉ Radio, Documentary on One series.  Read the script and answer the question that follows.


Voice of Continuity Announcer:  In tonight’s Documentary on One series, Shane Dunphy

explores the mysterious world of Cryptozoology and endeavours to find proof that Ireland’s

mythical monsters or mystery animals really exist.  Here is just a flavour of what you will hear…

Voice of Shane Dunphy: Cryptozoology, for those who don’t know, is the study of mystery

creatures that may… or may not exist.  The evidence about them is either legendary or anecdotal.  

Sound Effect: Haunting screech of an unidentifiable animal.

Voice of Shane Dunphy: I’ve been interested in wildlife and nature my whole life.  I’ve swum with seals and dolphins and I’ve even gone into the mountains to find wild boar.                                                        

In 2010 however I met a man called Sean Corcoran, a Waterford‐based artist who told me a

fantastic story about an encounter he had on Omey Island in Connemara with what was – for want of a better word – a monster.  

Voice of Sean Corcoran:  …and there was a bit of an explosion  …and to our absolute shock and horror, a creature of great scale like a giant otter came flying out of the lake turned its head and snarled viciously at us.

Voice of Shane Dunphy: The shove I needed to go in search of Sean’s monster came years later and it was my daughter Marnie who gave me that shove…

Voice of Marnie: Why don’t you make a documentary where you actually find something?

I just hate the way there’s never any stone‐hard evidence …and it’s always the same …they are always like… ‘W...

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