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Girl, Missing, Essential Revision Notes

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Table of Contents

Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie 4

Summary 4

Part One: Finding Martha 4

Part Two: Finding Lauren 6

Epilogue 7

Characters 8

Lauren Matthews/Martha-Lauren Purditt/Lauren Purditt 8

James "Jam" Caldwell 8

Madison "Madi" Purditt 8

Shelby Purditt 8

Sam and Annie Purditt 8

Dave and Lydia Matthews 8

Sonia Holtwood/Marcia Burns 8

Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie


Part One: Finding Martha

The main character is 14-year-old Lauren Matthews, who lives in London with her adoptive parents, Lydia and Dave, and their son, Rory. Lauren is doing an essay for homework which is called 'Who Am I?'. It suddenly strikes Lauren that she doesn't know her true background. Eager to find out about her past, Lauren goes on a website called, and finds an American girl named Martha Lauren Purditt, who went missing less than two months before Lauren was adopted.

Lauren's friend, James 'Jam' Caldwell comes around and Lauren tells him about the information she'd discovered on the website. After comparing the photograph of Martha with a photograph of herself as a toddler, and then one of herself now with an age-progressed photo, Lauren notices that she and the missing girl look alike, which led her into believing that she might be Martha Lauren Purditt.

Upon learning that her adoptive mother has written information about Lauren's adoption in a diary that she stored in the attic, Lauren discreetly goes there and looks through the diary, where she finds that she was adopted from Marchfield Adoption Agency in US, Vermont, by a man named Taylor Tarsen, as well as the name of a woman called "Sonia Holtwood".

After persuading her family to go on a holiday to a theme park in America, they travel to America, leaving her dad behind and taking Jam in his place. While Lauren's mother and Rory are waiting to change planes, Lauren and Jam sneak off without anyone knowing and get a plane to Burlingt...

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