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ET directed by Steven Spielberg

Table of Contents

Important background 2

Steven Spielberg 2

Film style 2

Later work 2

ET Production – Interesting facts 2

Other interesting facts 4

Plot 5

Overview 5

Summary 5

Cast and Characters 8

Casting 8

‘Casting’ ET 8

Character profiles 9

Themes 11

Genre and Style 11

Setting 11

ET “comes in peace” 11

ET as ‘Disney film’ 11

Important background

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is an Academy Award-winning director, screenwriter and producer. Born on December 18th, 1946, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Spielberg was an amateur filmmaker as a child. He went on to be the director of films such as Schindler's List, The Color Purple, ET, Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me If You Can, Lincoln, and Bridge of Spies. In 1994, he co-founded the studio Dreamworks, purchased by Paramount Pictures in 2005.

Growing up, Spielberg moved several times and spent part of his youth in Arizona. He became one of TV’s youngest directors for Universal in the late 1960s. His highly praised TV film Duel (1972) brought him the opportunity to direct for cinema; his string of hits since have made him the most commercially successful director of all time.

Film style

Spielberg's early films explored our fears – Jaws (1975) – and childlike wonder, ET (1982). He also adapted literary works: The Color Purple (1985) and Empire of the Sun (1987). Audiences worldwide have been thrilled by the daring adventures of his cinematic hero Indiana Jones. Imaginative fantasy is dominant in Spielberg's Peter Pan-inspired Hook (1991), while Jurassic Park (1993) and its sequels rely on traditional action, monster-horror sequences and sci-fi elements.

Spielberg is also known for his historical films. His Holocaust drama Schindler's List (1993), starring Liam Neeson, won seven Oscars, including Spielberg’s first as Best Director. Saving Private Ryan (1998), another WWII-based film, earned him another Best Director win.

Later work

Aside from forming his own studio, Spielberg has directed and worked on various sci-fi films, including Minority Report (200...

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