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Coraline, Essential Revision Notes

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Table of Contents

Coraline by Neil Gaiman 4

Overview and Summary 4

Overview 4

Chapter 1 5

Chapter 2 5

Chapter 3 6

Chapter 4 7

Chapter 5 7

Chapter 6 8

Chapter 7 9

Chapter 8 9

Chapter 9 10

Chapter 10 11

Chapter 11 12

Chapter 12 12

Chapter 13 13

Themes and Supporting Quotations 15

Courage 15

Family 17

Fear 20

Versions of Reality 23

Home 26

Identity 29

Dissatisfaction 32

Choices 35

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Overview and Summary


Our story starts when a young lady named Coraline Jones moves into an apartment in an old house with her parents. Her neighbours include two elderly retired actresses and a strange man who lives upstairs and trains mice for a circus act. Despite this strangeness of her living situation, Coraline is very bored; her parents work a lot and they tend to ignore her.

One day, Coraline discovers a door with a brick wall behind it. Later, when she opens the door, there's a hallway back there. When Coraline goes through the door, she ends up in an entirely different world: it seems like her own, but something's a little off. In the other world, Coraline has another mother (the beldam), another father, and other neighbours. Also, cats can talk.

Coraline decides this other world is weird, so she heads back home. But when she arrives, her parents are missing: the beldam has kidnapped them, and Coraline will have to go back into the creepy other world to rescue them.

She gets her parents back and, in the meantime, also rescues the trapped souls of three kidnapped children who have been stuck in the other world for a long time. Coraline beats the evil beldam, saves the day, and returns home.

But it turns out the other mother's hand has followed Coraline home. Coraline plays one last trick to trap the other mother's hand in a deep well. After all this excitement, Coraline is ready to start the school year.

Chapter 1

  • In the first sentence, we learn that Coraline has discovered "the door" in her new ...

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