Mock exam paper D Higher Level Marking Scheme








Paper 1

Section 1 Reading 40 Marks

The reading passage presents an extract from John Boyne’s book The Boy With the Striped Pyjamas which offers the candidate plenty of scope for engagement.

1. What impression do you get of the boy’s attitude towards his family and their decision to move away? (10)

Candidates can answer on any of the issues the author identifies e.g confusion, disbelief (a number of interpretations possible)

  • Expect candidates to refer to a number of examples of difficulties the author encounters. Candidates should refer to the text in support of their answer.

Marking: imp ex 10

2. Comment on the writer’s use of descriptive writing. Pick out three descriptions that appealed to you and say why you liked them. . (15)

Candidates are expected to outline the key elements of the author’s style of writing and explain why these elements of style impressed the candidate. The candidate might consider:

  • The author’s descriptive power
  • The author’s narrative style
  • The use of allegory
  • The use of exaggeration to highlight a point
  • The authors use of imagery and symbolism

Expect the candidate to identify clearly two aspects of the author’s style and to explain how this style impressed the candidate. Candidates may make a number of points, well expressed, or a global response well supported from the text.

3. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas became an important bestseller and film. From your reading of this extract do you think the book would make a good film?


Candidates are expected to reinforce their opinion by referring and quoting from the extract:

  • Extreme situation
  • Historical importance of what is happening
  • Beginning of the novel-suspense
  • Outstanding compassion
  • Exceptional skill as a storyteller
  • Strong images/evocative

Expect candidates to give a clear explanation of their reasons referring to examples from the text.


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