Mock exam paper A Ordinary Level Marking Scheme






Efferent reading establishes facts, evidence and ideas.

Aesthetic reading demands re-reading, reviewing and reflecting

Assessment tests skimming, scanning, re-reading and close reading (Syllabus)

A 1 When should you make sure your teeth are OK? (5)

2 Where is it usually not safe to drink tap water? (5)

3 What should you drink instead of tap water? (5)

4 What is the simplest way of purifying water? (5)

1 Before travelling (5)

2 In Morocco or Turkey (5)

3 Bottled water (5)

4 To boil it vigorously (5)

B What types of food should you be careful with when abroad? (10)

Accept two or more of the following points

-Be careful with food that has been cooked and let go cold

-Be careful of fish or shellfish

-Avoid undercooked meat

-Be careful of ice-cream that has melted and been refrozen (2x5)

C What signs are there that a place is good to eat in? (10)

Any of two of the following clearly expressed

-if the place looks clean and well run

-if the vendor looks clean and healthy

-if the place is packed with travellers or locals (2x5)

D Why is it so important to bring a prescription for medicine? (10)

Accept only an expression of the following: to show you legally use the medicine (10)

E Explain any TWO of the following in your own words:

1 Take an adequate supply.

2 Avoid undercooked food.

3 Planning extended hikes.

4 Vigorous boiling should be satisfactory. (10)

Accept any two approximating to the following:

1 e.g. to bring enough of something

2 e.g. do not eat food that is not thoroughly cooked

3 e.g. planning longer than usual journeys by foot

4 e.g. boiling of water until rolling/bubbling will be adequate



Respect --- a candidate’s basic skills and creative responses.

Respect --- a candidate’s linguistic competence.

Assessment tests compositional skills (Syllabus)

Write a composition on ONE of the followi...

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