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Mock exam paper A Higher Level Marking Scheme




Paper 1 and 2


Section 1 Reading 40 Marks

The reading passage presents an extract from Bill Bryson’s book on dining out which offers the candidate plenty of scope for engagement.

  1. From your reading of the passage, what issues does the author find difficult to deal with when eating out in restaurants. (10)

Candidates can answer on any of the issues the author identifies e.g.

  • He always manages to antagonise the waitress
  • He is unable to take in all the food options available to him e.g. salad dressings
  • He finds the descriptions of the specials in fancy restaurants to be incomprehensible
  • He finds that it is difficult to understand and/or speak the language of the fancy restaurants, which never speak plainly.
  • Etc

Expect candidates to refer to a number of examples of difficulties the author encounters. Candidates should refer to the text in support of their answer.

Marking: imp ex 10

  1. “My wife... is not fazed by ornate terminology”. What does the author mean by this statement and illustrate, with reference to the text, the ornate terminology he is speaking about.


Candidates are expected to explain the relevant terms of the phrase e.g.

  • My wife is not put off by/confused by the elaborate and decorative/descriptive words used
  • Give examples of these terms as used in the text e.g.
  • Seasoned with dishevelled herbs grown in our own herbarium
  • Baked in an inverted Prussian helmet
  • A medley of forest floor sweetmeats gathered from our very own woodland dell etc.

Expect candidates to give a clear explanation of the sentence above referring to examples of the ornate terminology from the text.

Marking: imp ex 10

  1. What features of the author’s style in the passage impressed you? (20)

Candidates are expected to outline the key elements of the author’s style of writing and explain why these elements of style impressed the candidate. The candidate might consider:

  • The author’s use of humorous language
  • The author’s descriptive power
  • The autho...

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