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Sample #2

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Table of Contents

Section A – Question 1 (5 marks) 4

Section A – Question 2 (5x3 marks = 15 marks) 5

Section A – Question 3 (10 marks) 6

Section A – Question 4 (10 marks) 7

Section A – Question 5 (40 marks) 8

Section B – Question 6 (6 marks) 10

Section B – Question 7 (16 marks) 11

Section B – Question 8 (10 marks) 12

Section B – Question 9 (18 marks) 13

Section B – Question 11 (10 marks) 14

Section A – Question 1 (5 marks)

C. Orsino

D. Cesario

A. Viola

E. Cesario/Viola

B. Olivia

Section A – Question 2 (5x3 marks = 15 marks)

(a) C.

(b) C.

(c) B.

(d) A.

(e) A.

Section A – Question 3 (10 marks)

(a) B.


I think the first effect on the audience, in terms of their reaction, of using this image as a backdrop for a performance of the soliloquy would be to ensure their awareness of the fact that the speaker is playing the role of a woman who is pretending to be a man.

Depending on whether the performer is male or female, how well ‘costumed’ they are, and how well the audience understand the language and events of the play to that point, at least some audience members might need to be reminded of the pretense at the heart of this scene, and this image would go a long way towards doing that.

I think another effect it might have would be to encourage the audience to question how easily taken in Olivia is by Viola, because the image portrays an attempt at a disguise that is all too easy to see through. In seemingly no time ...

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