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Junior Cycle English 2017 -- Completed Sample Paper 1 - Premium

Completed Sample

Junior Certificate

Higher Level 2017–

Sample #1

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© 2016.

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Table of Contents

Section A – Question 1 (20 marks) 4

Section A – Question 2 (10 marks) 5

Section B – Question 3 (25 marks) 6

Section B – Question 4 (25 marks) 8

Section C – Question 5 (5 marks) 9

Section C – Question 6 (10 marks) 10

Section C – Question 7 (10 marks) 11

Section D – Question 8 (20 marks) 12

Section D – Question 9 (10 marks) 13

Section D – Question 10 (10 marks) 14

Section D – Question 11 (30 marks) 15

Section D – Question 12 (10 marks) 16

Section A – Question 1 (20 marks)

The first element of the above talk that I believe would have made it engaging for the listening audience is the speaker’s use of rhetorical questions. These questions, opening with, “What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?”, are asked to get the audience thinking about their own lives and personal experiences, and they ensure that the audience are more prepared and willing to engage with what the speaker will go on to tell them about his own life.

Furthermore, for many audience members, these questions will also encourage them to compare their own experiences to those of the speaker, and this comparison is likely to make the speaker’s talk all the more compelling because the nature of his experience (i.e. he is one of the few people ever to go to space) starkly contrasts the more everyday nature of the lives likely to be led by his audience.

Another element of the speaker’s talk that makes it more engaging is the ...

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