2017 P1 New Junior Cycle 2

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Table of Contents

Cover Page 4

Section A – Appreciating Audience and Register 6

Question 1 (20 marks) 8

Question 2 (10 marks) 9

Section B – Responding to Studied Texts – Times I Encountered in my Reading 12

Question 3 (25 marks) 12

Question 4 (25 marks) 13

Section C – Reading Comprehension Strategies – Our Time 15

Question 5 15

(a) The thing men and women, on average, spend most of their free time doing is: 15

(b) 26 hours of household chores equates to how many years of life on average? 15

(c) Which statistic contrasts two geographical areas where over twice as many people from one area think something than the other? (Name the category) 15

(d) The info-graphic suggests that 94% of men clean their bathroom. Write either T for true or F for false in the space provided. 15

(e) On average, women spend more time each week cleaning than men. Write either T for true or F for false in the space provided. 16

Question 6 (5 marks) 17

Question 7 (10 marks) 19

Section D – Appreciating Language – Poetry – Inspired by Time 21

Question 8 (20 marks) 21

Question 9 (10 marks) 22

Question 10 (10 marks) 23

Question 11 (30 marks) 24

Question 12 (10 marks) 25

Cover Page

State Examinations Commission

Junior Cycle 20XX

Final Examination Sample

English Higher Level

Day Date June – Morning 9:30 to 11:30

180 marks

The theme of this examination paper is

A Sense of Time


There are four sections in this examination paper.

Section A Appreciating Audience and Register 30 marks 2 questions

Section B Responding t...

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