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Section 1

Sample Answers

  1. Organising an Interview with The Defence Forces
  2. A Debate and Discussion about The Euro With Students 3 marks for these titles

from The Scottish Academy

  1. Tionscamh ar Chuairt Thoscairi na nOg Phairtithe go dti an Scoil

Note: A title can only score a maximum of 3 marks if it clearly indicates the nature of the action taken and the subject area in which it was taken.

A Serious Matter Beyond 2 marks for these titles

The Hall Door of the Dáil

The Environment 1 mark for these titles


Healthy Living Lights, 0 marks for these titles

Camera, Action

Section 2

This section has two parts (a) and (b). Each part carries 4 marks.

Part (a) Here, the student sets the Action Project in context by ticking the concept(s) on which the Action Project is based and explaining how the Action Project was based on this/these concept(s).

Sample Answers

Part (a)

The 4-mark answer has the required clear link to the CSPE concept ticked.

The 2-mark answer has the link to the Action Project undertaken but not to the concept ticked.

The 0-mark answer has ticked a concept but the Action Project is not relevant to CSPE and there is no link established to the concept ticked. The 0-mark answer does not meet any of the requirements for the allocation of marks and the subject is not on the course.

1. Tick -- Stewardship

Recycling is very relevant to the environment because if

we recycle o...

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