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Strand 3

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Table of Contents

Irish Politics 5

The Oireachtas 5

Dáil 5

Seanad 6

History of Irish Parliament 7

Early Parliaments 7

Union with Great Britain, 1801 7

The First Dáil, 1919 8

The Second Dáil, 1921 8

The First Seanad, 1922 9

Constitution of Ireland, Bunreacht na hÉireann, 1937 10

The First President, 1938 10

The Second Seanad, 1938 10

The Irish Republic, 1949 11

Democracy vs. Dictatorship 12

The right to vote 12

South Africa 12

Kuwait 12

Australia 13

Macedonia 13

Iraq 13

Local Government 14

Councillors 14

The Census 15

Census 2016 15

Why have one? 15

Census 2016 – Results Summary 16

Israel and Palestine 18

Did you know? 18

Timeline of Events 19

Borders 20

UN Resolution 242 20

Official Palestinian position 20

Official Israeli position 20

Refugees 21

International law 21

Palestinians 21

Israelis 22

Jerusalem 22

Israeli position 22

Palestinian position 22

Conflict progress 23

Popular opinion 24

Borders 24

Refugees 25

Jerusalem 25

Peace 25

The Media 26

Does the media need democracy? A high price to pay for the truth 26

Case Study 1 26

Case Study 2 27

Case Study 3 28

Who owns the media? Media ownership and influence 30

Did that really happen? Trust and the media 30

Restricting free speech: Political control of the media 31

Googled in China 31

Case Study 1 31

Case Study 2 32

Irish Politics

The Oireachtas

The main function of the Oireachtas is to make laws for Ireland. The Oireachtas also elects the Government and approves the funding of Government Departments. An important function of the Oireachtas is to hold the Government to account.

On a typical sitting day, the Dáil may debate a proposed law, called a Bill, and decide whether or not to pass it to the next Stage. Members may ask questions of the Taoiseach, Tánaiste or a particular Minister. Any questions that are not answered in the Dáil receive written answers from the relevant Minister. TDs may also ask the Government about the progress of legislation. Time is allocated in the Dáil for Mem...

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