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Table of Contents

Sustainable Development 4

SD goals 4

Millennium Development Goals 5

Young People’s Realities 6

Seeking Asylum: Refugees 8

Who is a refugee? 8

Refugees, migrants, is there a difference? 8

Child refugees 9

Stateless people 9

Nationality 10

Irish History of Welcoming 10

Poverty 12

Absolute Poverty 12

Relative Poverty 12

Poverty in Ireland 12

Slavery 14

Slaves – How many? 14

Slavery and Ireland 14

The Anti-Human Trafficking Unit 15

Trafficking 15

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development can be defined by the 5 Ps – people, planet, peace, prosperity, partnership – and keeping them in harmony with each other, i.e. the quest for prosperity does not disrupt our planet’s resources for future generations.

SD goals

Ending poverty in all forms everywhere.

825 million people currently living on $1.25 a day.

End hunger and improve nutrition worldwide.

90 million children are dangerously underweight.

Ensure healthy lives for all.

22 million people currently are not accessing essential medicines to treat HIV/AIDS.

Ensure everyone has access to quality education.

Conflict and war means that many children are missing out years of their education.

Achieve gender equality between women and men; making sure girls and women have the same access to rights and opportunities as boys and men.

Some girls are denied access to education simply because they are girls. This drastically limits their future potential to earn a living.

Ensure clean water and sanitation.

2.4 billion people don’t have access to proper toilet facilities leading to the spread of disease.

Making renewable energy sources (solar, wind etc.) available for all.

The world is too reliant on fossil fuels as energy sources leading to the detriment of the environment.

Supporting economic growth and creation of jobs.

More than 204 million people are unemployed worldwide.

Build long lasting infrastructure, sustainable industries and develop innovative...

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