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Mock exam paper C Section B Ordinary Level



Time: 2hours 30 minutes


(300 marks)

  • All questions carry equal mark.
  • Answer five questions.
  • Marks will be awarded for layout and presentation.
  • Dates should show the day, month and year.
  • Calculators may be used


1. This is a Household Budget Question.

(To be completed on the Examinations Booklet)

Answer all parts of this question:

The following is a budget for the Bell household for four months, May to August 2012.

Opening Cash in Hand is €950.



  • Peter Bell earns €2,000 per month
  • Ann Bell earns €2,100 and expects a bonus of €750 net in July.
  • Child Benefit is €280 per month



  • The house mortgage of €650 per month will increase to €720 from 1st of July

  • House insurance premium is €860 per year, payable monthly.
  • Peter’s annual car insurance is €520 payable in May. Ann’s annual car insurance is €340 payable in August.
  • Household expenses are usually €920 per month except in August when they are €200 less.
  • Car running costs are expected to be €70 per month for Peter and €50 for Ann.
  • ESB bills for light and heat are expected to amount to €150 in May and €100 in July, while a fill of heating oil costing €500, will be required in July.
  • Telephone bills for the home are expected to be €150 in June and €170 in August, while the bills for the mobile phones will be €80 per month.
  • The family have booked a holiday in Spain for €3,000 in July. They must pay a deposit of €350 in May and the balance in June.
  • Entertainment will cost €300 per month except in July, when it will cost €250.
  • A birthday present will cost €300 in July.
  1. Complete the blank household budget form (On page 7 of Section A) using all of the above figures...

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