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What you and your teen can expect from their first year

March 25, 2016

What you and your teen can expect from their first year.

What's first year all about?


Semester One: September – December

The first three months have come and gone. The semester just passed was predominantly about adjusting and coming to terms with a total lifestyle change as it was about progressing academically.

Your child has come to adapt to an earlier rising time, longer commute, longer school day, new subjects, multiple teachers and new class mates. Coming to terms with such dramatic change all at once can prove an overwhelming experience for any child.

Within the school we aim to relieve any overwhelming experiences for the child by creating a support network. The child needs to realise they are not alone; that many of their peers are in a similar situation and that there are many people willing to listen to any hesitancy they may have. Recreating this supportive environment at home will develop confidence within your child and awareness that all these emotions are to be expected and common.


Semester Two: January – April

Your child is now over halfway through their first year of post-primary education. A great deal of change has occurred in a short space of time. Your child should be more settled at this point and understanding of what is expected of them as spoon-feeding becomes a luxury of the past.

Responsible behaviour and levels of maturity are expected as the child experiences greater freedom than that enjoyed in the primary school setting.

Academically, your child should boast a re-emphasised knowledge of content taught in primary school and be ready to commence building on this firm foundation gradually. Basic terms, definitions and tenses are to the fore for all subjects.


Semester Three: April – June

First year has concluded. This year has been a roller-coaster of emotions for both you and your child. Nervousness, anxiety and stress have slowly translated to levels of contentment and assertiveness. Your child should be more sure of him/herself with regards a new educational environment, daily school routine and expectations.

Academically, in relation to new subjects not experienced at primary level such as science, business and a foreign language a degree of enthusiasm and foundation level knowledge should be instilled. The fundamentals of core subjects such as basic tenses in Irish, grammar and punctuation in English and the basic Maths tables should all be firmly re-emphasised in preparation for further development in second year.

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