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Back to School 6 Stress-free Tips for Parents (Updated for 2019)

August 14, 2017

Back to School 6 Stress-free Tips for Parents (Updated for 2019)

Back to school tips for parents

Back to School Tips for Parents

Teenagers going back to school can be a very stressful time in a parent's life; you have to make sure they have everything prepared. Even more so if your teen is moving into secondary school for the first time!

1. The Early Bird...

Getting up even ten or fifteen minutes earlier than usual makes a big difference.  It might give you just that little bit of 'me-time' you can use to chill out with a cup of tea, before the rest of the family get up.

2. Do Everything the night before!

Nobody likes those mornings where you end up drinking your tea from a mug in the car...  Get everything done the night before, whether it's signing their homework off or getting their uniforms out of the dryer.  

3.  Chalkboard.

Forgotten football boots,  tracksuits, lunchboxes....These are things that cause the car to be turned around on the way to school.  

Avoid this with a family chalkboard near the door for colourful reminders in the morning!  You can pick up some chalkboard paint in any good hardware store, just paint it directly onto the wall, then voila! 

4.  School Boxes.

Give teen their own box, near the door. The night before school, throw everything in the box, so they're all together and won't be forgotten.

5.  Teen Help. 

If they're not helping out much around the house, get them involved! 

Give them a specific role, like lunch-maker or even cereal-pourer!  The responsibility is good for them and the pressure is off the parent a bit.

6.  Back-Up Support.

The car might break down, you may not be feeling well, make a reciprocal arrangement with another parent for lifts to school.  That way, a quick text in the morning will save a lot of hassle!


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