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A Parent's Guide to 3rd Year

March 25, 2016

A Parent’s Guide to 3rd Year

Semester One: Until December.

While the Junior Certificate is a three year cycle, the majority of work and preparation for the terminal exams tend to occur this year. This comes as a result of the hectic, distracting and disruptive nature of the opening two years of post-primary education. With the foundation, good habits and expectations firmly rooted it is time to up the ante for the short few months ahead.

The opening semester should be spent establishing realistic goals, identifying areas of weakness, committing to a regular study plan and engaging with teachers to the best possible standard. A supportive and empathetic atmosphere should be established at home.


Semester Two: January – April.

This semester should see a great deal of positive work being complete on a consistent basis. Progress in this short period will instill confidence, reduce stress and ensure the concluding semester may be dedicated to revision and addressing and remaining weaknesses.

Exam paper should dominate this semester as notes should be complete and neatly filed. Using exam papers is exam specific, assessable and the best means of highlighting areas of weakness which require revisiting. Students should fill the dominant role while teachers become facilitators of learning and advisory assistants.


Semester Three: April – June.

The third and final semester of the year brings about an heir of pressure, realisation and immediacy, which until now has been spoken about in class but not experienced. This semester should be one of intelligent approach towards the exam. Exam papers, revision notes, short quizzes and mind-maps should dominate the final weeks of preparation.

The classroom should become a hub of support, with the teacher addressing any issues brought up by the students. At home study should be goal orientated and not given a valuation by hours spent at the desk. Rather than aiming to do 30 minutes history revision, aim to complete two long answer questions. This method is assessable and specific to the exam, meaning the student is aware of progress being made.

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