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The Exams Are Starting - How to Study, Part I

May 2, 2018

To get specific – ‘Specificity’ in expert terms – is the principle that how we prepare should meet the demands of what we’ll have to perform during an activity.

Think sport for a minute. To be a good cyclist, you must cycle; a runner should train by running, a swimmer by swimming, etc. 

Yes, athletes include other elements in their training that enhance performance, such as weight-lifting to build strength/power, stretching to improve flexibility, good nutrition to ensure the body has enough energy to recover and perform, etc.

But the bulk of any good training programme returns to the end goal. In your case, the final exam.

So, what are the best ways to study? Let’s focus on specificity. In Part II we go through the steps you need to take to tailor your revision over the exam period.

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