Studying for English Paper 2 in 2018 – The Single Text

February 14, 2018

Studying for English Paper 2 in 2018 – The Single Text

The Single Text


For the Single Text, questions were in line with the paper’s remainder – familiar in content but wide-ranging in scope.


You’ll need to know the texts inside out and be prepared to analyse them holistically, e.g. be able to comment on and critique their position within a specific genre, ‘Hamlet as a disturbing psychological thriller.’

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If you look at the paper, you’ll notice that three types of questions were asked across the five Section I options: 1) A discussion of a critical statement regarding the text, 2) A response to the power or lack thereof of the text’s female characters, and 3) An analysis of the function of specific characters in the text.


As part of your revision, you should prepare and complete at least one essay on your single text for each of the above questions.


As it stands, the SEC (the people who set the paper) seem willing to modify and adapt questions across a range of different texts. As part of your own revision, look at questions that have been asked on single texts other than yours; adapt these to suit your single text, and encourage your teacher to do the same.


Complete these questions as part of your independent study.

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