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Studying During The Easter Holidays

March 12, 2018

With that in mind, here are our steps to ensure you make the most of your time off this Easter.

First, over the fortnight or so you’ll have off, you should spend your revision time each day reviewing a different subject. 2+ weeks gives you more than enough time, and you may even revisit your weaker subjects, or the ones you need to get top marks in for thirdlevel.

By now you should have received most if not all of your mock exam grades and had your scripts returned. Yes, you have to remember that the final exam paper could be entirely different to the mock in terms of content, but you should use each mock exam as a starting point.

Then, based on your review of each paper, ask yourself the following questions:


1)         What am I finding difficult?

2)         How can I get better – e.g. source extra notes, complete exam questions, study with a friend, get a grind, etc.?

After reflecting, complete your catch-up. You may not have enough time to catch up completely on every subject. But you can do this as you go along once the mocks end and you’re back at school; you just need a schedule to follow – perhaps something similar to that of your February mid-term break.

Once the Easter holidays end and you’re back at school, maintain your Easter schedule as best you can. Homework and life will mean you won’t have time to revise or do ‘catch-up’ each and every day, but having a schedule will keep you focused and moving forward.

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