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Study Advice - The October Mid-Term Break

October 18, 2017

Assuming you’ve been doing your homework and paying reasonable attention in class, there’s no reason you can’t rest up and relax, once you take the time to identify and fill in any gaps in your learning since September 1st.

In short, once you’ve been keeping up, yet you really want to power on towards Christmas, the best way to spend this week would be to assign each day a subject – 1-2 subjects per day if you’re a Junior Cert student – and spend the study time you have each day reviewing your learning since September in that subject.

The way to approach your review is to sit down with your textbook(s), exam papers, study guide, notes, etc. and identify the topics you’ve already covered. Ask yourself the following:

1)      Did I miss anything through absence? If so, what did I miss and how can I catch up?

2)      For all of the topics I did cover, what are my weakest, and how can I develop these into strengths – e.g. source extra notes, complete exam questions, study with a friend, get a grind, etc. ?

After reflecting, plan your catch-up. Because of your review, you probably won’t have enough time to catch up completely on every subject, but you can do this as you go along once November comes and you’re back at school; you just need a schedule to follow – perhaps something similar to that of your October mid-term break.

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