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Study Advice - The February Mid-Term Break Part II

February 12, 2018

Next, prepare for each exam as you’re advised to by those who have more experience than you – i.e. your teachers, parents, siblings, and co. If someone who ‘knows’ advises you to study a specific topic or practise a particular skill, listen to them. Don’t kick yourself the evening after it appears on the paper.

Third, practise completing each paper: know the timing, marks awarded, typical question types, etc., then practise getting these right. As we’ve said, based on your learning to date, you’ll perform better in some of these than others, and that’s fine.

Subsequently, based on your practice, if there’s a skill or topic that you’re struggling with, address that issue by asking yourself the following:

1)      What am I finding difficult?

2)      How can I get better – e.g. source extra notes, complete exam questions, study with a friend, get a grind, etc. ?

After reflecting, complete your catch-up. You may not have enough time to catch up completely on every subject, but you can do this as you go along once the mocks end and you’re back at school; you just need a schedule to follow – perhaps something similar to that of your October mid-term break.

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