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Study Advice - How to make the most of your Summer Holidays Part I

July 13, 2017

Primarily, you should see the summer holidays primarily as a break – holiday’s in the name after all. Take at least a couple of weeks to rest from homework, study, and all that comes with school-going. Sleep as much as you need to, eat and drink well, get some exercise. And catch up on the things you may have been missing out on, like spending time with friends and family.

Once you’re rested, and starting to get a little bored, it’s time to start doing something with your time off. Everyone likes to have oodles of freedom, at least in theory, but we all need some structure and routine to thrive in. You should still be doing the basics – rest, sleep, food and drink, etc. – that we outlined above, but you’ll need something else from your time off.

Many students get part-time jobs over the summer (yes, you’ll probably need to organise one before you read this blog, but there are always options to explore no matter what time of year it is). You could also take up a new hobby or interest – an activity, a sport, a topic or field to research, etc.

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