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Maths Week – What is it; What can I expect

October 14, 2017

How does Ireland’s Maths Week rank internationally?

According to Irish academics, the festival is the largest event of its kind worldwide. Over the past decade, more than one million people have engaged with Maths Week Ireland, mainly primary and post-primary children, as part of the organisers’ drive to help Ireland’s young people have a more positive attitude towards maths.

We estimate that as approximately 15% of Ireland’s population; i.e. 15% of Irish people have now been part of the event in some way.


What can I expect?

Organisers recognise that to the majority of our population, maths is about numbers; but they know it is about much more. Accordingly, they tease participants with mathematical problems.  For example, What three positive numbers give the same result whether multiplied or added together?*

Past Maths Week events have included themed talks; topical debates – such as mathematician, concert pianist and baker Dr Eugenia Cheng arguing that if you can bake you can do maths; group-based tackling of uniquely Irish mathematical problems – the budget, USC, Government debt, etc.; watching ‘mathemagician’ Andrew Jeffrey show how maths can make people believe in mind reading and psychic abilities; and so much more. The options are infinite, in fact!

For more information on Maths Week and how you can participate at your convenience, check out and get working Maths Week out.

*Still scratching your head? The three numbers are 1, 2 and 3; they give the result 6 whether they’re added together or multiplied.

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