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Making the most of your Mock Exams - After – Part II

March 13, 2018

If it's still not making sense, ask another teacher, parent, or student from an older year. Don't stop asking until you are sure of how to answer the question; you will thank yourself if it appears in June.

Exam Papers

Know the exam papers inside out. Spend time going over exam papers and work out exactly how much time you have for each question. This is especially important in both English papers, where it's easy to get carried away on one question. Know how many marks each question is worth and make sure to spend longer on the questions that carry more marks.

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Also, make sure you know how many questions you are expected to answer in each section, how long your answers should be, and whether you have a choice within any sections. Knowing this information before going into the exam saves time, and makes you feel calm and prepared.


Take short, basic notes. Much as you might like to carefully learn long paragraphs of information off by heart, time is not on your side. Read through the information and summarise long paragraphs in a few bullet points. Once your notes make sense to you, they are fine.


If you find yourself very stuck for time, just write down the main topics from each answer in bullet points and learn these. It will be much easier to write an answer in an exam if you already know what to put in it.

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