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Making the most of your Mock Exams - After – Part I

March 6, 2018

Bad Mocks?

If your mocks went badly, start by taking responsibility for your performance. If you've done badly in a subject, don't blame the teacher, paper, or corrector. You need to accept that if you haven't done as well as you should have, it's because you didn't work as hard as you should. This should motivate you to make an improved effort from now until the exams.


Note: If you don't get along with a particular teacher, try to spend extra time on their subject at home or ask another teacher for help.

Study Timetable

Come up with a realistic study timetable. Sit down and draw a graph: make seven columns, one for every day of the week. In each, write down any free time you have that day, then work out how many free hours you have per week.

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Be realistic. You're not going to study for five hours every night, so don't say that you will. Make sure to leave time for homework, hobbies, and relaxation.


Whatever time you choose, remember to leave breaks between subjects. Once you work out how many study blocks you can fit into your week, start dividing this time amongst your subjects, giving more time to weaker subjects.


When you are happy with your timetable, hang it at your desk or wherever you study. Do your best to follow it because it's more helpful than you might think.

Mock Papers 

Read over your mock papers. This will help you to see where you've gone wrong and what you can do to improve. If you did particularly badly in a specific question, re-do it during your study time. Bring it to your teacher and ask them to correct it. Now isn't the time to worry about being accused of sucking up!


Spend time on what you need to learn – not what you like to learn. It's so much easier to sit down and revise your favourite subject for half an hour than it is to revise your most hated one for the same length of time. However, this attitude will get you nowhere.

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