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5 Steps to Finding Your Study Motivation

March 13, 2017

Finding the motivation to study: 5 steps

While both forms of motivation can acquire success, the former, intrinsic, tends to prove more effective in the long-term. Because it comes from within, you are in competition with nobody but yourself, thus in total control of all factors. 

Try the following tips to become more intrinsically motivated towards your studies and begin to enjoy the experience that bit more.

1. Remember, you are doing this for you. One common regret expressed by people in their later years is having spent too much time conforming to others’ expectations.

During this exam year, it’s time to think of yourself for once. You are the one sitting at a desk for hours on end, not anyone else. Do it for you, and your future you, not for anybody else.  

2. Visualise, then work backwards. Take time to imagine how you would like your life to look this time next year. From there, take small steps backwards and establish a set of goals that you need to meet to get yourself to that point.

Think small and be consistent. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in, day out. 

3. Learn from others and accept their help and support. It’s said you are the sum of the five people you spend most of your time with.

Brian O'Driscoll did not achieve what he achieved alone. He worked with great players, coaches, teams, and several other support networks. Apply this to your studies.

4. Write things down. Establish your exam end goals. Having identified this goal write it down and leave it in a place that you will see everyday e.g. bedroom door or mirror.

Having your goals repeatedly on your mind will help you to address them throughout the day. 

5. Don’t stress. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if your goal is worth pursuing, it too will not be achieved in a day.

Be patient and persist with your goal through thick and thin. If you are having a bad day or failing to see any improvements, don’t doubt yourself; just make sure you get to bed that night knowing the day that passed has moved you one step closer to your goals. Even a 1% improvement is improvement.

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