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5 May Bank Holiday Study Tips

April 27, 2017

5 May Bank Holiday Study Tips

Here are 5 tips for your May Bank Holiday.

1.Keep Your Routine

It's a Bank Holiday and you'll, of course, have that Friday feeling of a long relaxing three day weekend but it is important to stick to your routine. The Leaving Cert and the Junior Cert are just over a month away and now is not the time to stray away from your routine. Stick to what you know over this Bank Holiday whether it's getting up early to finish your study so you can enjoy the day or staying in and studying through the afternoon. Whatever your routine is, it is important to stick to it to achieve to most out of your weekend.

2.Don`t Waste Time

Time is extremely valuable now as the the State Exams are right around the corner and now is the time to put in the work for the last few weeks and it is not the time for time wastage. Make sure you stick to your routine and don`t trick yourself into thinking it is ok to take the Bank Holiday weekend off and that you will just get back into working on Tuesday. Make the most of the weekend and study, don`t waste any valuable time that is left.

3.Have a Study Plan

Its a Bank Holiday weekend and you may have plans with friends or family but as time is running out, its important to have a study plan for the Bank Holiday. If you know that you won`t be able to study at certain time throughout the weekend, have a plan made where you know what times of the day you will be able to get some work done. It is important to have a plan made and to stick to it as best you can.

4.Limit Late Nights

It's a Bank Holiday Weekend and that means for a lot of people its time to relax, stay up later than usual or go out to meet a few friends but late nights can have a negative impact on your quality of study. Waking up mid afternoon still tired from staying up throughout the night before will have a negative impact from being too tired to properly take in any information or you might even decide to spend the day in front of the TV and trying to recover from staying up all night.

5.Reward Yourself

After all, it is a Bank Holiday so don`t feel guilty for rewarding yourself for the hard work you put in all weekend whether that means spending the day relaxing watching your favourite TV shows or going out for the day. Taking a well-earned break will be beneficial to you by giving you the chance to reset before school again on Tuesday.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend!

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