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3 tips to improve your study time management

November 25, 2016

3 tips to improve your study time management.

Get the most out of your study by managing your time

We are all guilty of taking the easy option and blaming a lack of time for our failing to study. A lack of time is rarely the issue, more often than not it is down to simply failing to manage this time as best we can. Try these simple tips to take-back your time and get more done! 

1. Think Ahead 

Before you get into bed each night think ahead to tomorrow and what you need to get done.

From here take steps back and see if there is anything you can do now which will help you tomorrow. If you are training before school pack your bag now and know what you will be cooking for breakfast or if you are going to study straight after school pack some extra lunch. 

Small steps now will save you from stressing and losing time tomorrow! 

2. Prioritize

Be realistic and a little bit selfish with your time! Put yourself first and prioritize what you need to get done for yourself before trying to satisfy all around you. 

For example make sure you get your own study complete before  offering to help a friend with theirs. You may feel good for helping but failing to get your own work complete will cause you to stress and place unnecessary pressure on yourself! 

3. Develop a Routine

Having a routine will remove any guess work from your day and help you get a great deal done with minimum fuss.

Find a routine which suits you and stick to it. Doing certain things at a certain time of day can help your body perform consistently whether it be in the gym or at your desk. This is a habit of many successful people and something many sportspeople, actors and business people have in common. 

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