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2 Months Until Exams Start - Stay Healthy!

April 3, 2017

2 Months Until Exams Start - Stay Healthy!


Use your notes

At this stage of your exam preparation scurrying through big textbooks rich in content is not advisable. The remaining time between now and exam time should be used to perfect the content you have accumulated.

We have consistently emphasised the importance of keeping notes neat and tidy as it is now that these notes will really be of benefit. Using your notes will make sure you are using your time and energy in the most efficient manner possible as all the nonsense and unnecessary content is eliminated! Find some helpful notes at or take a multiple-choice quiz which will help you revise a lot of content in minimal time!


Stick to what works for you. 

To this point what you have done has worked for you, you are in a good position so keep going with your routine.

Do not doubt yourself and look for the most modern strategies and best notes on the market, instead back yourself and do what has and continues to work for you. 


Limit late nights 

There are only a dozen or so weekend until the exams are upon us so use them wisely and for your own good!

Going out at the weekend may seem very tempting after a productive and tiring week of study but having too many late nights can undo a great deal of your work and see a day of valuable study time wasted as you sleep the following day away. Keep your mind on the wild college nights that are within your grasp!


Have a study space 

Stick to an environment you know and are comfortable in. Do not waste time being distracted or having to clear an area for yourself each day.

Be consistent and know where all resources are at all times. Being organised will save you time and reduce stress as you can concentrate totally on your studies.


Do not feel as though you must spend every waking hour between now and exam time to better yourself. Be composed and have confidence in what you have done.

You have been consistent and committed to date so there is no need for worrying. Over studying can lead to anxiety and tiredness setting in. Keep up your usual routine, get some fresh air and exercise and keep up your hobbies.

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