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10 Exam Time Tips To Get You Ready

June 1, 2016

10 Exam Time Tips To Get You Ready

1. Get Up Early!

Get up early for your exams!

We’ve said this in some previous blogs, but if you do get up early, 2 minutes later, you’ll be glad you did!  Rushing around looking for a missing shoe, or scoffing down some toast in the car won’t help your situation at all!

2. Eat well.. but not too well.

Eat well in your exams in school!

Have a nutritious, light breakfast.  Having your mum cook you a full-Irish is not a good idea!  Heavy foods and exam-butterflies don’t go well together.  Stick to cereals, fruits, berries, smoothies or juices.  

3. Got everything you need?

Make sure you have everything you need in your exams

“turn the car around! I forgot my calculator!...”  Just don’t.


4. Leave a few minutes earlier than usual.

Leave earlier for your exams

Leave a bit earlier and chill out in school for a few minutes.  You never know what might happen en route.  You don’t want to have to repeat an exam over a flat tyre.

5. H20

Drink water in your exams

Bring a bottle of water.  It keeps you hydrated and alert.  Exam halls can get hot at this time of year.  If you forget your water and you’re feeling a little faint, tell a supervisor they’re there to help you!


6. Read The Paper First!

Your teacher will have told you this.. But do it!  Read through the exam paper before you start.  We’ve all heard of that student who rushed through all 5 questions, when the exam stated ‘Answer Only 3 Questions’.

7. Brain Freeze? Don’t Panic!

This happens to everyone.  Take a minute, have a drink of water, relax your breathing. Come back to the problem, re-read it.  It may just become more clear.

8. Time it Right

Time everything right in your exams

Don’t spend too much time on the one question. If you are writing for too long- Stop! and come back to it later.  

9. Skim through it at the end.

It may be tempting to run out the doors after you finish that exam..  Just have a quick read through it first.  You may have missed something, you may have put something aside and forgotten about it.  After this, you’re free!

10. Think Positive!

Think positive in your exams!

If an exam doesn’t go as well as you like, don’t let it get you down. It may not have been so bad and you don’t want to let it bother you, this might affect your performance in other subjects. 

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