My child is being bullied online by another girl

July 4, 2018

My child is being bullied online by another girl.

With facebook, twitter, snapchat, and countless other forms of social media it is getting easier and easier to communicate to many people through a click of a button and this is why lots of children find themselves being bullied online.

In every walk of life there are bullies from the school play yard to the office environment, but it is not quite as obvious if someone is being bullied online but the impact can be far greater as the harmful things said about you can read by the masses and then deleted sometimes leaving no evidence.

If your child is being bullied you may notice it by them becoming withdrawn, quieter, a reluctance to go to school or socialise, you need to take a sensitive approach and encourage them to talk to you about the problem. It’s only when you have some concrete information from your teenager that you can actually then take action to remedy the situation so your child’s life can get back to normal.

What should you do next once you find out they are being cyber bullied? This really depends on the seriousness of the incident and it’s impact on your daughter. You will have to be mature and use your best judgement to decide upon the next action. If it is was a once off incident then perhaps it might be better to let it lie?

If it persists then we suggest that:

  • You should encourage your child to ignore posts online if possible.
  • When they make a stand, stand up to them in a respectful manner and not to stoop to any base or cruel manner as this will only make the situation worse..
  • You should teach your child that there are people out there that are bullies as a result of their own insecurities and possibly even problems at home, and the bullies actions are not actually about them even though you may be the victim.
  • You should encourage them not to share or post anything online where they notice that other children are being bullied as this only encourages them.
  • You should talk to them regularly to see if the bullying has persisted and to what level.
  • If the bullying is persisting, then I would contact the school or the perpetrators parents in a calm, controlled and non-accusatory manner to try and resolve the matter.
  • I would also suggest that your child should remove themselves temporarily from the social media outlets in the interest of personal damage limitation.

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