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How many hours of study is enough for the Junior Cert

March 25, 2016

How many hours of study is enough for the Junior Cert?

How many hours of study is enough for the Junior Cert?

It has been proven that writing sample answers, taking short multiple question quizzes, past exam papers and constructing mind-maps are the most effective means of study. This does not mean the quicker and less time it takes the better, it means that time does not necessarily mean quality, you could be sitting at a desk for hours each day but not studying effectively, in order to succeed both time and intelligent study must be combined.

Each study slot should have pre-assigned motives and goals e.g. complete a short answer exam section or complete three diagrams of river erosion. Goals must be assessable to ensure work is being done.

The Junior Certificate is a three year syllabus. The introductory two years should focus on the development of healthy habits and routines and not hours behind a desk. The student, who completes homework in its entirety on a consistent basis, keeps notes structured and engages with the teacher and support network at home will be in prime position for success in the third and final year. Study guides help to form routines and good habits and also ensure work that is needed to be done is getting done.

Short recaps on content covered which may have caused difficulty or uncertainty should be addressed once homework is complete. Failing to address such hesitancy's at an early stage will lead to an unwelcomed accumulation of difficulties further down the line. Below is a 'Study Plan for Junior Cert Students' it shows how many minutes should be spent doing homework and study each night for the different years. 

Academic Year

Homework Duration (Minutes)

Study Duration (Minutes)

Number of Days

Per Week













If this study guide is followed stress should be reduced and each student should feel more as ease when exam time arrives. 

Setting a good routine from first year can help keep yourself organised in the long run and the more you understand in first and second year the easier it is to revise in third year. 

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