The Exams Are Starting How To Perform

If you’re serious about performing, you need to be prepared, and this means looking after yourself in the build-up to and aftermath of each exam.

1)      Be specific in your revision and plan what you’re going to do in each exam. Once you know what you’re going to do, ensure you’re ready to do it. Do the things you need to do so you can think and feel you’re ready.

2)      The best way to think and feel you’re ready to do anything is to prepare properly (or at least as best you can in the time you have left), and this is true for each exam. Remember all the work you’ve put in and let yourself feel good about that. Do what you can, but sensibly, in the time you have left. Your body needs to be ready, too.

3)      Exams are stressful times. Like always, you need to relax and rest, nourish yourself, and do things you enjoy, even if you feel like you’re under pressure and need to cram. All-nighters, studying for the next exam as soon as the latest one ends, stressing and overthinking exams that you’ve finished and can no longer do anything about are all major Nos.

4)      Think of each exam the way athletes approach sporting events. Yes, it’s important, you’ll be nervous, and you won’t be able to do everything 100% right all of the time. Focus on doing the little things right and in the right way, then do your best until pens down. That’s all anyone can do.

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