Mid Term Study: Get The Most Out Of Your Break In 7 Easy Steps!

Mid-term Study: Get the most out of your break in 7 easy steps!

1 Write down your goals 

What do you want to get out of the next week? Be realistic. You're probably not going to cover an entire syllabus!  Write down a few topics you really want to make progress with and pin it to the wall in front of your desk. Focusing on 4 or 5 key areas over a week will be much more beneficial than doing bits and pieces here and there.

2 Schedule

Create a schedule. Choose a time-slot for each day, 9-12, 12-4, 6-9 and stick to it. Focus on getting a few hours of solid work done each day, that way you will still be getting your work done and enjoying your time off. Getting into a routine and a rhythm now will also help you settle into one easier as the year progresses. 

3 Ask

It's always a good idea to get someone else's feedback on something. If you're writing an essay, have a parent/guardian, friend, or even little sister take a read! They may have some valuable input and might even see something you hadn't noticed before.

4 Quiz

Keep your brain fresh, exercise it. Have a friend ask you a few questions on a topic after you've finished revising it

5 Use your own words

Re-writing a chapter word for word will be of little benefit. Read, re-read, break it down in your own words. Using flashcards are a proven way to get the most out of your studies and for retaining the information.

6 Reward yourself

When you've reached your goal for the day; treat yourself. A hot chocolate, a bit of Instagram-ing, pancakes on Tuesday! Find your own way to reward yourself for all the hard work that you've put in!

7 Don't stress

Your workload is going to increase over the next few months. You want to go back to school with a fresh and rested mind. Don’t kid yourself. Most students are probably not going to study for 10 hours a day.

Take it easy and enjoy the Mid-term!

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