8 Tips On How To Start A New Routine

We all want to create healthy new habits, however, we sometimes experience unforeseen setbacks. In order to overcome those setbacks we set up new routines to stick to. Studies show it takes up to 3 months to create a new habit or routine so we’ve put together our 8 top tips to help you build a routine for the academic year.

  1. Decide what needs to be in your routine, prioritising what is important to you before starting.
  2. Set small goals to work towards. For example, going to sleep earlier. If you are going to sleep at 1am, set yourself a goal of going to bed at 12 and be asleep by half 12. Once that goal is achieved move on to the next one, asleep by 12 and so on until you reach your goal. 
  3. Have a plan. Start with one week at a time and slowly build up on it. Using a diary, planner, applications such as Google Calendar, Trello, excel are all useful tools when planning and tracking your progress.
  4. Consistency is key. Attempt the task at the same time every day. For example, start your homework every evening at 4:30pm or as soon as you get home from school. 
  5. Be prepared. Before deciding on a new routine, male sure you have everything you need to start. For example, if a new routine is to write out flashcards for Biology every Saturday morning, then make sure you have pens, flashcards, your Biology notes copy and Biology book. 
  6. Make it fun. It can be difficult to think of ways to make studying fun but creating a study playlist of all your favourite songs that you only listen to while studying can be a way to make it fun. Completing online quizzes or MCQ’s are another great way to add some fun to the monotonous study routine.
  7. Track your progress. Being able to visually track your progress is a great way to stay motivated to stick to a routine. For example, going from a H5 to a H2. You are more likely to stick to that routine and try reach a H1, compared to if you were just studying aimlessly and hoping to get better.
  8. Reward yourself. It is important to reward yourself when you reach your goals. Whether it be an hour on the PS4 tonight because you got a H1 in last weeks class test or 5 minute break on your phone after 25 minutes of hard study.

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