5 Tips For Surviving The Mock Exams

1. Set up a Study Space

Find some space to settle down and study. Somewhere quiet, away from the activity of the kitchen table, even if that means taking over the living room and making it a no-go area for other family members for a couple of hours a day. Getting this sorted early and getting comfortable with it will aid you in your studies for the rest of the school year.

2. Talk it out

This can be a stressful couple of weeks, especially for Junior Certs who may be experiencing an exam-time situation for the first time. If you're worried about something or feeling the pressure, it can't hurt to talk to someone. A friend, sibling, parent or teacher may have the words of encouragement you need. 

3. Breaks & Wind-Down time

Every so often, take a stroll, get some fresh air or have a cup of tea and refresh the brain. Taking some chill-out time after a study session is always a good idea, relaxing on the sofa or watching a small bit of TV will help your mind relax before sleeping. It is important to factor this time into your study plan, to ensure that you actually do it.

4. Sleep

An essential part of the study process is to get a good night’s sleep, recharge and be ready for the next day. Studying into the night is not a good idea, it can sometimes do more harm than good and lead to exhaustion over the exam period, potentially having a negative result on your performance. You might find yourself doing less study the more tired you get.

5. They are Mock Exams

At the end of the day, they are mock exams. They are designed to give you a realistic exam experience to learn from and to highlight the areas in which you need to improve. Instead of seeing it as a failure, if you don't do as well as you'd like, instead use it as the learning experience it is - examine what subjects you need to work harder on and alter your study plans accordingly.

Good luck in your exams!

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