3 Steps To Getting Ready For Back To School

This is the guide to help you make the most of going back to school


The first thing you can do to feel ready is to prepare – or at least make yourself feel prepared – by getting whatever equipment you’ll likely need, at least for your first week back at school.

A basic kit that should get you through any first week consists of two pens, two pencils, a ruler, an eraser, a pencil sharpener (basically a pre-packed pencil case that you can buy in every second shop!), a packet of copybooks (failing that, a decent-sized A4 pad), and a bag to carry your things in. You may also need some money to buy a planner/journal from your school.

In addition, check out your uniform. Do you need a new jumper, shirt/blouse, shoes, etc., or will last year’s clothing suffice for now?

Another way to feel prepared, one that will give you the energy and focus on working your way through the seemly unfamiliar early days of week one, is to think about what you’ll have to eat and drink on your breaks.

Will you bring a pre-packed lunch, water, etc. each day; or is there a canteen in the school or a nearby shop for you to buy a good lunch from?

Look forward

Once you know you’ll have the things you need equipment, clothing, and nourishment-wise, another way to encourage yourself to look forward to going back is to think about all of the good things about your school.

Yes, you may not like the process of going to school for whatever reason, but you are bound to have friends, teachers, classes, activities, or at least times of the day that you do like at your school. Let yourself look forward to being reunited with these.


OK. Now that we’re prepared and looking forward to going back as best we can, our final step is to think about how we can make being back a good thing; to reflect on the good aspects of the previous year and think about how we could work on areas for development.

For example, is there a subject you find difficult; what could you try or do differently to find it easier?

Obviously, answers like the above aren’t always easy to find; that’s why we need to reflect in the first place. However, you should try to think about what you first and foremost can do to improve things, then ask your parents/carers and/or family members as needed.

Following that, if you realise you need help or support with something, think about what kind of help/support you need, and the best person to ask for it.

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